Special Education Services

Meeting the needs of Michigan's special education students is of utmost importance to all schools. So is following the law to ensure equity and opportunity for all.

That is why the state's public charter school authorizers has developed a detailed legal resource to help boost compliance and results across Michigan.


Better Fiscal Outcomes

Public charter schools in Michigan are more cost effective and produce a larger return on investment for taxpayers. These results persist even after controlling for student demographic factors that research suggests impacts both a school’s funding levels and its average student test scores.

Public Charter Management Companies

On average, CREDO researchers found that network-affiliated public charter schools increase student learning more than self-managed public charter schools. They also observed that all types of “public charter schools are having a positive impact.” Of course, these high-level results can obscure a great deal of variation among individual networks and schools, as well as differences among states.

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Detroit's K–12 Strategy

The report and accompanying online tool lay the groundwork for cross-sector, citywide collaboration to boost access to performing public schools in the Motor City; to strategically allocate resources, including facilities; and to seize opportunities to adaptively reuse the sites of former schools to strengthen neighborhoods.

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Attendance Matters

Research confirms what common sense dictates: Students learn less when their teachers aren’t there. According to multiple studies, a ten-day increase in teacher absence results in at least ten fewer days of learning for students.

MI Public Charter Achievement

A study from CREDO — a Stanford-based research group well known for its public charter school research — found that public charter schools in Michigan, and especially Detroit, moderately outperform district schools. The state’s for-profit public charter schools, if anything, perform better than non-profit public charter schools, according to CREDO, and, unlike in most other states, online public charter schools in Michigan do just as well as other schools.