STATEMENT: Authorizers Respond to Recommendations of the School Finance Research Collaborative

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    Contact: Jared Burkhart, 517-403-8533
Jan. 17, 2017

The following is a public statement from Jared Burkhart, Executive Director of the Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers regarding the School Finance Research Collaborative's recommendations for funding Michigan’s K–12 public schools. Their recommendations include a substantial funding increase in the state’s per-pupil foundation allowance.

“For two decades, Michigan charter schools have been out-pacing their traditional partners in student achievement while receiving less in student funding,” said Jared Burkhart, executive director of the Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers.  “While we welcome fresh research and appreciate that the report recommends funding all student fairly regardless of their educational choices, we also know it is a fact that true academic achievement matters more than money and that more money doesn’t automatically result in academic achievement.”

“The ultimate measure of successful school performance is how well our students are able to achieve in school, career and life.  If this report can rise above the typical partisanship of public education and help advance this important conversation, it will be a positive step forward.”

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