Alumni Spotlight: Ramsey A'Ve

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Public Charter School:                     Advanced Technology Academy

Public Charter School Location:     Dearborn

Lake Superior State University

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 Ramsey A’Ve is the Global Sales Chief of Staff at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, one of the world’s most iconic brands and information technology companies, where he leads business planning and operations for the company’s Chief Sales Officer.

A’Ve is a 2008 graduate of Advanced Technology Academy, a public charter school in Dearborn, Michigan, and credits the school and it’s authorizer – Lake Superior State University – for sparking and fostering dreams that have carried him to the top of global business.  During his sophomore year at ATA, A’Ve attended robotics and business camps offered by LSSU, his public charter high school’s authorizer, and he’s never looked back.

“ATA offered something special in its dual enrollment and business curriculum,” says A’Ve.  “By taking university classes for science, math, and communications early on, students have the opportunity to enter university well ahead of their peers.”

Advanced Technology Academy has a partnership with Ford Motor Company that empowers students with advanced studies and opportunities to experience real world engineering and business practices and environments.  The school’s innovative focus on health and science also provides students the opportunity to go beyond state mandates and minimums, sparking interests in students that drive them towards some of the state’s most in-demand careers.

“ATA played a critical role in who I’m becoming,” says A’Ve. 

At his public charter school, he served as student body president, participated in clubs and activities, and discovered dreams that drive him to this day.  After graduation, he attended LSSU where he held numerous leadership positions including Student Body President, and Student Representative to the Board of Trustees and Budget and Finance Committee.

Now he’s accelerating within a Fortune 500 company. 

Michigan’s public charter schools deliver innovative and specialized learning opportunities to students across the state.  Schools like ATA – and hundreds of others – are providing dynamic learning environments, and delivering results.  The schools are 100 percent tuition free and open to every student.  What’s more, every classroom is led by a highly qualified, state certified public school teacher.  No wonder study after study indicates public charter school students score higher on tests, achieve greater proficiency, and accumulate months (and sometimes years) of additional learning compared with their peers.

A’Ve credits a number of public school teachers and educators at ATA for fostering his dreams and giving him the building blocks for success.  Educators like Barry Hawthorne and his executive team, Mavis Pannell, who taught accounting/business, and A’Ve’s math and science teacher, Jim Lundie, open a world of opportunity to their students each and every day.

“Advanced Technology Academy and Lake State started the crystallization of my dream,” says A’Ve. “I’ve been privileged to travel the world and see firsthand business relationships developed with world leaders, executives, and global companies. I have relationships with the top executives at our company, and couldn’t have imagined my exciting journey starting so soon after graduation.  

“With hard work, great family, and the right educational opportunities, the sky is the limit. I challenge everyone who graduates from LSSU or ATA to show the world the Laker difference.”

Where will your journey lead you?