Public Charter Schools are Public Schools. Every. Single. One.

Public charter schools are changing lives, one student at a time, and by the thousands across our state. That’s because Michigan’s public charter schools cut out the wasteful bureaucracy to put the needs of students first – so our kids are ready for college and tomorrow’s economy.  

Public charter schools in Michigan are tuition-free, open to every student, and full of state-certified public school teachers.  They embrace every challenge, they’re doing more with less, and they’re the most accountable public schools in the state – by a mile!

The results speak for themselves, with public charter school students thriving, proficiency rising, and their teachers delivering much more bang each year for the education buck.  

Still, the bureaucracy threatens Michigan kids and the public school teachers who fill public charter school halls and classrooms.  

The good news is that parents, public school teachers, and even the media see through their attacks on students.  The editorial board at the Detroit News just last week wrote a blistering column defending Michigan kids and their dedicated public school teachers against the latest unfair attack by the big school bureaucracy.   

It’s worth a read, and a good reminder that the bureaucracy itself can use a little education when it comes to Michigan public schools.

Charter schools are public schools.  Every single one of them.

Michigan’s public charter schools are 100 percent tuition free, and open to every student.  

What’s more, every teacher in a public charter school is a highly qualified, state certified public school teacher.

They’re focused on learning, and they’re focused on results.  And they’re delivering.