New York Times Takes Advocacy Journalism to New Lows With Story on Michigan Charter Schools

The story in this week’s New York Times on charter schools in Michigan represents advocacy journalism at its most biased and inflammatory. Not only does the story blatantly misstate many of the facts about Michigan’s charter public school sector and the institutions that authorize them, it also willfully takes the entire story out of context, misrepresenting the broader picture of school improvement and growth statewide.

The Consequences for Failing Our Students

There is an expression that rings true throughout the entire world. It is that actions have consequences. What you do, or fail to do, today will impact your tomorrow. Students who don’t study will fail classes. Employees who don’t work will face repercussions at work.

How can we know this? We know it because that is how the world works. You take a test, you earn the consequences of your performance. Students across the globe understand and work with it every day. So do adults and businesses, only the stakes are typically much higher.